The Florida Missions Council exists to…promote, encourage, foster and engage in the dissemination of religious and moral teaching and instruction for the support of public and worldwide worship in accordance with the teachings of Jesus Christ as found in the Bible, through all legitimate means, such means to include, but not be limited to, accepting financial contributions and making distributions for the purposes of carrying out missionary work and establishing supporting missionary Christian churches to spread the ministry of Jesus Christ in foreign nations in the Caribbean Basin and Central and South America.

The former ICOC is no longer an entity. Now, no one church is “over” any other church. However, The Florida churches have agreed that we need to support one another and maintain the fellowship between churches. The Council consists of 18 men coming from 9 different Florida churches with the purpose to support and meet the needs of the Mission churches in South America and the Caribbean. We have forged unity in order to ensure that our second generation churches are not neglected. We believe this is a unique model for the kingdom, as we are working together in a very unified manner to help spread the gospel.