On July, the church in La Paz had the incredible opportunity of the host the Hope Youth Corps 2017 Go And Do LikeWise. It was the second year that we have an HYC here and this time we received more than 50 volunteers. The Hope World Wide team made an amazing job organizing the event for months and also during the two weeks, three campus disciples were helping as interns.

They were intense days, full of activities in which we could love and serve many children and families in need. The Campus Ministry was also involved in some of them and was able to share with the volunteers, (the most of them) disciples from USA and Canada. At the end of the week, along with the Campus guys the HYC team helped with our Sunday service: singing in the chorus, passing the offerings and the communion and (one of the guys) sharing the sermon. We can’t express how grateful we are because many seeds were planted and God was glorified!

Northview Yearly Visit

Every year a teen team from the church of Northview come to La Paz for a week to serve in Hope WW programs. This June we had around 10 teens that were able to serve the needy and also share with the Campus and the Teen Ministry. It’s incredible to know that in other places there are Young people who are working for the same purpose. We are so grateful that because of God we can have this kind of relationships around the World.


Some goodbyes…


On June we had to say goodbye to our dear Nicky. Nicole Eckhardt is an amazing sister from New York who two years ago moved to La Paz to work as a teacher in an elementary school. However, she did more than that. She was helping with the Single Ministry and her last year she was leading the Teen Ministry, that actually was started by that time. God was glorified through her time here. She not only was a bless for the Young disciples but it was for all the Church.



In August we had to say goodbye to our dear Ludi Acevedo, a sister from San Antonio, Texas who in 2014 moved to La Paz with the One Year Challenge (OYC) program. However, she fell in love with Bolivia and decided to stay for a year more(that became two) working as a coordinator in HopeWW. She was helping the church in many different ways. Her first year she was serving the Single Ministry and after that the Campus Ministry. She was part of the Campus leading team and she helped discipling and training the girls that currently are a help in the Ministry.


We are infinitely grateful to God for bringing these two incredible women to Bolivia to give us an example of service, hard work, sacrifice, and love.


Recharging batteries…

On July, we had an activity with the purpose of getting prepared to start classes after our Winter Vacation. Even though we couldn’t have the original idea of having a retreat, we didn’t get discouraged. On Saturday night we gathered together for a devotional given by David and Jessica Pineda, then we split up between girls and boys to spent the night together and in the morning we had a hiking to a lookout where we worship and had another devotional.


Bible talks…sharing from house to house

The Campus Ministry in La Paz has been working hard for not left behind the evangelistic approach in a genuine way. Since our Universities are far from each other and our schedules are different, we thought to change the format of our Bible Talks. As our devotionals, we have the plan to meet in houses to share the gospel with our friends and school partners. In August we had our first Bible Talk. Our dear brother Victor shared about the Prodigal Son and how God is searching and waiting for us. It was an incredible time to not only read but also share the love of our Father. We trust that God will be glorified with the time and effort we are investing in the dream of seeing all the Bolivian youth knowing Him.


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