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Read about others participating in recent member’s missionary trips below. To learn more or participate in future trips, contact us.

MM: Salvador, Brazil

"They devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer."  Acts 2:42

Dave Hsu, Daisy Martinez, Alexis and Barbie Esquijarosa from South Dade, Rafael Linares from West Dade, Richard and Debonaire Rodriguez from North Dade and Carol Reid from Broward all had the privilege of participating in the Member Missionary trip to Salvador-Bahia, Brazil. It was an unforgettable, life-changing experience!

My fears and insecurities about the trip disappeared when we were greeted by the Salvador brothers and sisters at the airport. They were so happy to see us that they began singing songs in the middle of the airport!

My husband and I stayed with was a young married couple. Our conversation over dinner was enjoyable even though we had to communicate through an English-Portuguese translation book!  It was so humbling to see the Brazilian disciples' simple lifestyle. They have few possessions, live in homes with small rooms, tiny bathrooms and no hot water, yet they are content with what God has given them. Most of the disciples travel an hour to get to church, midweek and devotionals, taking three different buses. Yet everyone attended every meeting of the body of Christ!  It was convicting to see their gratitude and eagerness to learn.  They didn't know us, yet there was no limit to their openness and desire for advice.  During our visit, John Reus powerfully preached the word of God for the midweek service.  Several members of the team taught classes about the Christian life, sharing lessons learned from our walk with God.  On Saturday, John Reus and John Brush flew to meet up with John Porter in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  There, they met with ministry leaders, strengthening the bonds of fellowship between our churches.

About half of the church came to say goodbye at the airport.  As we walked to the gate, there was hugging, kissing and crying. I think there was a moment where we all forgot about our families, jobs and all that we have in the United States. We were amazed at the power of the common love and purpose we share in Christ!  I have always imagined what it would be like to experience Acts 2:42-47 where the disciples met together daily and devoted themselves to teaching, fellowship, breaking of bread and prayer with the Lord adding to their number daily. My experience in Brazil brought that passage to life. My hope, prayer and encouragement is that the disciples in the South Florida Church will strive to have hearts like those of our brothers and sisters in Brazil. May we be people with glad and sincere hearts who love each other, who are vulnerable with each other and who make sacrifices to meet the needs of others.

Member Missionary trip to Salvador, Brazil

MM: Brasilla

"Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever" Hebrews 13:8

For me, one of the strongest testimonies to the power of God and the truth of his Word is that his church is the same no matter where you go - in all nations, languages, and time periods. Even within the same city you can find differing opinions and teachings about how to follow God, be saved, etc. Yet when the Bible is truly the standard, it transcends culture.

I got the opportunity to witness this first hand on the Member Missionary Trip to Brasilia, Brazil. God worked in many ways in the city of Brasilia. When we arrived, the disciples there were so excited to meet and greet us, and also eager to inquire about the group that visited last year. Even after a year had passed, the impact of that team was still felt by the Brazilians. They were moved just by the fact that we were there; we are disciples from another country and another language, yet like them, also fighting for our relationships with God. They wanted to know us, our struggles, our thoughts, our lives.

It was wonderful to pray and worship God in multiple languages in all our times together. It was inspiring to see the faith and vision of the brothers and sisters there for what God will do in their lives and their city. Even in such a short visit, I saw their faith rewarded by God. We all went to Pontifica Catolica University one morning to share our faith for a "bate-papo," or Bible Talk, later that afternoon. My sharing partner and I stopped first to pray that God would do miracles, and sure enough he did! We met a student named Elton, started sharing with him, and ended up doing part of the Word study with him on the spot. Afterwards, he stayed for the Bible Talk and was so impressed with what he saw that he also came to church on Sunday.  It refueled my passion for the lost and for the poor, and for the church here in South Florida.  It was an adventure that I will not soon forget!

Tricia Ramsey

MM: Rio de Janeiro

Christian Ray Flores has produced a video journal of his Member Missionary trip to Rio de Janeiro. Enjoy!

Christian Ray Flores