Víctor y Paula – Transformed Lives

Paula was met by Cristian and Carolina Duque almost 2 years ago for work reasons and with time they were able to make a deeper connection. In the middle of last year Paula and her husband Víctor began to participate in a marriage workshop in the southern area of the city, in which they were very par

ticipative and consistent. They also attended a marriage retreat which impacted them and made them take a deep look at their marriage before God’s word.

By the time the marriage workshop was over they approached the Duques to ask for specific help in their marriage. They expressed with humility and urgency their need for God and quickly began to study the Bible. After almost two months of friendship and depth in the scriptures, they decided to surrender their lives before God and were baptized on January 17 of this year.

Today Victor & Paula are our brothers in faith, they have a fresh start in their lives and are rebuilding their marriage led by the Holy Spirit for the Glory of God.

We are grateful for all our brothers and sisters in the US. Thank you for your prayers, support and for watching over the mission work in Santiago de Chile. Keep praying for the souls in this city.



Con Dios todo es posible … Mat. 19:26