We want to take this opportunity to share some great news coming from Santiago and Viña Del Mar. In the last couple of weeks, we’ve witnessed two great Miracles. One comes from our beloved Church in Viña, to which we sent a couple (Rodrigo & Tina) from Santiago to lead and help restore their faith. Three weeks ago Regina, a very special sister, was restored to the fellowship, this has encouraged the brothers and sisters in Viña very much.

The second miracle we saw comes from Santiago with a very special story of a man named Gustavo who was baptized two weeks ago. Gustavo and his wife Mary were met more than five years ago in a restaurant they owned. Mary built a great friendship with the sisters in the Church, began studying the Bible and was baptized about two years ago. Mary had also developed and degenerative fatal disease.

Gustavo all along was ok with having a relationship with God but was very apprehensive about studying the Bible or being involved in church at all. However eventually the love of the disciples made an impact in his own life and he decided to study the Bible and surrender his life to God. And one week ago Gustavo Bautista was baptized in the name of Jesus to the  Glory of God!

Please keep praying for their relationship with our Lord and Mary’s difficult health condition.