Miami School of Missions

Transforming Lives and Changing the World through Missionary Training

The Miami School of Missions (MSOM) is focused on raising up the next generation of dynamic church leaders and ministers in the state of Florida and abroad. Our goal is to inspire this generation of disciples to dream God’s dream, lead churches and relentlessly help as many people as possible accept God’s free, loving gift of grace in Christ Jesus. If we are not intentionally focused on raising up the next generation, then the world around us will. Young men and women are dying for a purpose and a mission, and our desire is to provide that for them. Join our team, and be a part of something holy and special that changes the world.

The Mission

We Train Trainers!

The Miami School of Missions is designed to train aspiring missionaries to be trainers who go out into the mission field to multiply disciples and trainers. If it does not multiply it will eventually die. If the training stops with the missionary, it will eventually die. Our mission as a MSOM is to multiply trainers!

We have 4 quadrants or the “Core 4” to train these future missionaries: LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT, ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE, GLOBAL CONNECT & PRACTICAL MINISTRY.

The Vision

Let’s dream God’s dream together!

Jesus died and rose again to save us. He calls us to rise up to an unbelievable mission worth dying for.

As the Miami School of Missions (MSOM) our vision for the next ten years is to raise up 50 missionaries to send out to churches in Florida, Latin America and the Caribbean.

The Plan

Come & Go

MSOM (Miami School of Missions) is a school that trains missionaries for service in South America. Our training covers language, culture, leadership, and practical ministry skills.

We equip our missionaries to serve effectively and make a lasting impact. Join us to bloom in a diverse cultural environment, then plant yourself in an exciting mission field.

The Team

Meet the Miami School of Missions

John and Silvia Reus

MSOM Directors

Leke and Marielos Lewu

Trains & Develops

Mary Hattaway

Financial Director

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